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We Kicked ALS at the 2016 Walk to Defeat ALS

The 2016 Detroit Walk to Defeat ALS is in the history books and our team finished strong again for the second straight year.  Last Saturday, our 20-member team braved a cold rainy morning by gathering at 8:00 am at the Detroit Zoo.  Terri and Jeff were leading the charge with our group all wearing Terri’s signature color, lime green!  The Michigan Chapter of the ALS Association did an outstanding job recruiting over 2000 participants at what seems to be the most successful walk yet. Our team: MyFriendTerri.com Kicks ALS

Most of the work was done weeks in advance of the October 1st event.  At least 100 teams were registered to walk and all raised funds for the non-profit.  As the walk began, the overall goal of raising $175,000 was sitting at 89% of its total goal and more funds are still being collected.

Terri looked great with her newly received tiara and sash.  Princess Terri - Queen for the Day!She earned those ‘princess’ items by leading the charge on helping our team raise over $5800!  Our team doubled our fundraising efforts from the year prior.  We came in 7th place overall as a team, and had a great total despite our small number of team members!

We all were able to enjoy the Detroit Zoo after the 1.5 mile walk.  Our team seemed to gravitate to the otters and the penguins the most.  And the day seemed almost perfect when the sun reappeared after a long rainy week!

Thank you to our many sponsors that supported us with donations and love during this year’s Walk.  We continue to be in awe of so many Raising funds and awareness of ALSsupporters.  Continue to give freely to organizations like this one that works tirelessly to support all ALS patients.  Someday soon we hope a cure is found for this horrible disease.  Until then, we continue to recognize the efforts of so many who are helping rid the world of ALS.

God is Good Always, and so are Miracles & Cures.  XOXO