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Happy Birthday Terri!!

Hello all. It’s January 22 and we are two days away from Terri’s birthday! If you recall, we created a GoFundMe fund last year right before her birthday. gofund.me/k9yf1o  Here’s an update on what has transpired in one year’s time:

Jan 2015 – Terri is diagnosed with ALS at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. She later receives a second confirmation from Mayo Clinic.

March 2015 – Terri is accepted into a stem cell clinical trial from Brainstorm. She’s one of 48 U.S. participants.

July 2015 – The great people at Zumba at Skateland West, namely Derica & Len Wade, raise funds for ALS research and help out Terri along the way. Terri also gets to make her first and second TV appearance!

August 2015 – Over 200 people showed their love and support of Terri and her family by participating in a giant bowling event held at Westland Bowl!

October 2015 – Terri and Jeff decide to sell their 2-story home in Canton in exchange for first floor master bed and bath home. (This still pending!! Send big offers please.)

December 2015 – The clinical trial participation has ended for Terri. In April, Brainstorm will release the study results.

January 2016 – Terri begins physical therapy to strengthen her muscles despite the disease. You go girl!

January 24, 2016 – Terri will turn 48 years of age. She remains strong in her faith and continues to live life to the fullest. We have great hope that research will continue and a cure will be found for ALS. Visit ALS.net to make a difference.

Please help me in wishing a very happy birthday to a very special person! Big wishes for a happy and productive year ahead. Prayers to you and your beautiful family including hubby Jeff and sons, Brandyn and Josh. XOXO

As Terri likes to say: God is good always, and so are miracles & cures!

Happy Birthday Terri!

Happy birthday Terri!

Happy birthday Terri!