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When it Rains, it Pours…

When it rains, it pours. At least that’s what it seems like lately for our friend Terri Saenz. Despite battling ALS since late last year, Terri has been fairly optimistic and ‘lucky’ as she moves forward with this disease.

It may not feel lucky, but she was selected from 1500 applicants to be in a clinical trial of only 48 US citizens with ALS. What a miracle! It may not feel lucky, but she has had overwhelming support from friends and family all through the summer months with a great Zumba event and Bowling Night. Such joy from family and friends.

But the last few weeks have been more trying than ever on Terri and her family. They’ve made the painful and difficult decision to sell their 2-story home where they’ve lived and raised their boys for 15 years. They must look ahead and find a ranch style home with a first floor master and bath. They put a call out for help, and many have dedicated their time to help spruce up the house and prepare it for putting it up for sale in the next few weeks.

Well today that luck seems to have diminished somewhat. Terri took a tumble in her own driveway, likely 12095293_10206639181210676_5438566646277772515_ododging items in the garage sale they are hosting right now. Her front tooth is cracked at the root and her face took the brunt of the fall. I know this set back is going to be painful for Terri, both physically and emotionally. (She’s the listing realtor for her home and needs to be in top condition to sell, sell, sell!) We wish her well as she returns to her home to rest today.

Friends, please say a prayer for Terri and her supportive husband Jeff that better days are ahead. I know it may seem like one obstacle after another, but please know that you have many friends and family members rooting for you!

If you can lend a hand today, tomorrow, or next week, please contact Jeff and see how you can help out at the house. There’s wallpaper removal, painting, and landscaping needs. Let’s also send healing prayers to Terri so her beautiful face and smile heals quickly.  Not in the area?  Make a donation: https://www.gofundme.com/k9yf1o

We love you both and we are here to support you, during the ups and during the downs. As Terri always says, God is good always. So are miracles and cures. God bless you,Terri. XOXO