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Terri’s Independence Day

July 2 – 4, 2015, Terri spent our Nation’s independence day at the Mayo Clinic receiving her own stem cells back into her body.  Being one of 48 ALS patients in the U.S., this was her time to take an active role in a very promising clinical study for all ALS patients.  We don’t know whether or not Terri is one of 25% receiving a placebo, but we do know she is a brave and insightful human who brings a fresh perspective to living life to the fullest.  We can all learn from this amazing woman!  Here’s what Terri posted in her Facebook Community Page:  Terri’s Courageous Battle with ALS/Lou Gehrig’s:

Independence Day from ALS?

Terri’s Independence Day from St. Mary’s at Mayo after receiving her stem cells.

Celebrating another day ! Today 4th of July is my personal Independence Day from the hospital!!!!! And ironically the 76 anniversary of Lou Gehrig’s retirement speech. And perhaps a marker of longer independence for me and all ALS patients!!!!! Wouldn’t that be pretty neat. I think one of the hardest lessons in life is letting go of control! I can’t control any of what I did or didn’t receive in my body on Thursday. If I am a cell receiver or a placebo. I am at peace (mostly- I AM human) I didn’t get a vote. But I did get an opportunity that thousands desperately wanted to be in my shoes. I feel divinely guided through the whole process -from being told on Ash Wednesday I was invited to be in the study to today -independence day and my earthly angels who funded the whole process.

You may not know that the medical part is covered by the study but transportation here (12 hour drive) lodging, missed work, food, local transportation that Is all on the patients dime -so THANK YOU from

Family travels to Minnesota

Terri’s family all traveled to Minnesota to be with her on this important part of her clinical trial journey.

me and all ALS patients. So what now? How do I move forward not knowing? It’s simple! I plan to live , love and laugh as much as possible ! Life will always throw us curveballs it’s how we react that counts. I always like to say Life can be stupid ironic.Before I had ALS I was working out at least 3x a week eating clean and taking supplements to avoid a family history of heart disease. More dedicated then ever in my WHOLE life. Jeff and I just remodeled our kitchen and figuring out empty nesting. We wanted to travel but Rochester MN wasn’t in the top 20 for sure lol -stupid Ironic! But I trust Gods plan is better then my own -that we are meant to serve a greater purpose bigger then our own. So I will lean on Jerimiah 29;11 11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

God is good always! So are miracles and cures!

Off to spend time with family at Mall of America. Wish me luck lol someone has to teach my nieces about retail therapy lol Happy 4th !!!! Www.myfriendterri.com