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May is ALS Awareness Month

May is ALS Awareness Month

Hello Friends,
With tomorrow being May 1, did you know that May is ALS Awareness Month. Now, I’ll be very honest. Last year when I donated to ALS Association during the “Ice Bucket Challenge”, I really didn’t know much about the disease. Fast forward six months, and now I know way more than anyone should have to know about this horrific disease.

Today, my best friend since the age of 5 (practically my sister ya know!) was diagnosed with ALS. I think its my job to share some truthful stats with everyone.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for ALS, but a lot of great work is being done. (Terri’s participating in what I believe is the most exciting of all possible cures…the stem cell trial out of Mayo.)

Do you know that every 90 minutes someone is diagnosed with ALS somewhere in the world? That’s 30,000 Americans. By now, someone knows someone that is impacted by this disease.

Lastly, the annual cost to care for someone with advanced ALS is $250,000 a year. A year! We are praying that Terri doesn’t get to this phase. We believe that this stem cell trial is going to be the miracle cure and that hopefully all ALS patients will get access to it down the road.

I ask you all to join me in changing your profile photo to the ALS Awareness photo you’ll find on my Facebook Page at least for one day in May.

Lastly, let’s rally behind Terri and help raise funds for travel expenses so she can continue to travel back to Mayo Clinic another 8 times or so to participate in this very important clinical trial. Thank you for your continued prayers. God bless, Peggy