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Update on Terri in late 2018

Terri continues to progress slowly with her ALS. Her upbeat spirit and passion for her family is helping her beat the ALS odds these days. We are also hopeful that her participation in the 2015 Brainstorm clinical trial might have had a small impact on the slower progression of her disease. Regardless, she is living life to the fullest.

Terri in late 2018 with her new wheelchair and eye gaze technology…and a cute little friend.

Thanks to all of you, Terri was fitted into a power wheelchair in the summer of 2018. To transport the hot pink and green chair, the Saenz Family had to purchase a mini van with mobility ramp built in. This expensive purchase could not have been done without some creative financing AND all of your support over the last 3 1/2 years! Lastly, Terri was fitted with eye gaze technology to help her communicate online! Jeff and Terri are doing all they can to maintain a higher quality of life! They enjoy traveling now in their new wheels, and exploring new places when able.

Living with ALS is no easy feat however. Set aside the fact that her body has failed her significantly the last four years, the expenses associated with this disease are extremely high. We continue to do all we can to host fundraisers to help the Saenz family maintain a high quality of life. Perhaps her slower progression is a direct result of this higher quality of life. The daily vitamin supplements, the frequent massages to her failing muscles, the PT/OT, and the clean eating – all of these activities take money – and most are not covered by health insurance, unfortunately. Terri is also a big advocate for ALS TDI, a research firm in Boston who are working tirelessly for a cure and treatment for all persons with ALS. Give generously to them as well at ALS.net.

What can you do to help Terri and Jeff? Well, please join us in their next big fundraising celebration, where fun is the first part of fundraising!!

You’re officially invited to join us at:

The 4th Annual MyFriendTerri.com Superhero Bowling Bash on Friday, February 1, 2019 at Westland Bowl at 5940 N. Wayne Rd, in Westland.  7:00 pm – 11:00 pm.

Terri will turn 51 on January 24th, 2019. This January marks her fourth year with ALS. That’s a major milestone for this disease so we have officially dubbed Terri a Wonder Woman for defying the odds! Also, we are honoring Terri’s selfless caregiver, Jeff as her Superman for all he does for our cherished friend. Together, the super couple’s family and friends will gather to celebrate and honor Terri & Jeff and raise some needed funds to help the Saenz Family maintain the expenses of dealing with this challenging disease.

Register to participate in this fun evening on February 1, 2019. Click here: http://myfriendterri.com/event/register-bowlers/. Thank you! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all.

God is good always, so are miracles and cures.

XOXO Peggy